What’s on my Phone?


Today I’m gonna show you wich apps there on my Phone are. I have got an IPhone 5s.

this is my phone. I find the background so cute!
When I open my phone, I see these apps. I will show you them! You see 3 apps which aren’t in a map. The first one is Youtube, the second one is for school. The thirth one claims that you can decide what you will dream that night, but it doesnt work.
In this map, you see telegram. That’s almost the same as whatsapp. The second one is Instagram and the thirth one is Snapchat. Then you see Whatsapp and WordPress. The last one is Bloglovin. You can follow me on Bloglovin under the name Julia.
The games! I really like playing games. One of my favourite games is Polish Blast, wich is a game like Candy Crush but way more cute.
Movies and pictures! RTLXL is for seeing TV shows back and Imovie is for editting movies. I really like. doing this. VSCO cam is for editting pictures. You have beautiful filters on that app, so I use it much. The last app is Samsung Camera Manager, it’s for transferring pictures from your camera to your phone.
So, that’s on my Phone! Hope you like it guys, and I will see you tomorrow!



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